Let the light in our hearts guide our judgment- Superb ad from PETRONAS


This Diwali be blessed enough for the wisdom of our elders and trigger a sense of pride within yourselves. This ad from PETRONAS tells us the happiness we gain from helping elders. No matter what others think about us or what actions they perform in their kind looking at you, unless your actions and intentions are right, there is nothing that can harm you from doing good.

The ad features two very weird faces that are out with some deadly weapons that include a long scissor and a hammer and some other tools too. There is a boy who is doubted by his father on wrong intentions and then there are people outside who doubt the two boys again for wrong intentions seeing their weapons as they move to a place. But what came out is a help to an old lady as they help her in celebrating Diwali.

As it is said, Let the light in our heart guide our judgment- Happy Diwali.

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