Let Kids be Kids – Revolutionary Mosquito repellent from Good Knight is here to protect them!


Our children are becoming more and more sedentary due to the use of various gadgets like mobiles, tablets, laptops and of course, the television. Kids prefer staying at home watching TV or playing games on these gadgets with their imaginary friends thus resulting in loss of social interaction.

This could have an adverse effect on our children and their growth as individuals. This thought-provoking but fun-filled advertisement by Good Knight is an attempt to get parents to send their children out to play without the fear of mosquitoes and diseases that spread because of them.

The ad has a very engaging tone right from the beginning as the invisible voice connects to kids of various ages and asks them a very basic question: How many friends do they have? Every child gives a different response in their own unique way which is fun to watch. The voice then asks them to name these friends and these kids list their names as Oggy, Superman, Princess Elsa, Doraemon and all those characters they see or interact with on TV and games.

The ad then asks a very pertinent question if these imaginary characters are the only friends our children have. It is time to let our children go free in the outside world to play and explore it on their own and make real friends. The Good Knight Fabric Roll on is a natural Outdoor Mosquito repellent that helps kids to enjoy in the natural surroundings without any fear. Watch this extremely engaging advertisement here.

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