Learn what ELSS can be done to save tax in this humour-filled Franklin Templeton Ad


Tax saving is a major decision in our country and only the traditional options are utilized by a majority of Indians. This funny yet thought-provoking advertisement by Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds uses the humorous way to prove its point.

The background voice over tells us about how Munni’s mother knitted soft and pink booties for Munni when she was an infant and Munni never ever questioned her mother and wore them till she was all grown up, and never asked for anything else as an option.

The tongue-in-cheek humour is wonderfully expressed as Munni who gets ready to go to office with her best office attire and wears the same kind of booties her mother gives her, just like lakhs of Indian who never ask for an option for traditional tax savings instruments. This is despite the fact that ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) is an equally effective mode for tax saving.

The advertisement is ironic and light-hearted despite conveying an important message to its viewers. The evocative voice and a wonderful narrative drives home the message of using ELSS for saving tax and makes it a joy to watch.

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