Layer’r Shot Bullet is the best way to get all the attention as Akshay Kumar shows in this ad


Akshay Kumar is a superstar and his popularity is mind boggling amongst his large fan population. In this Layer’r Shot Bullet ad, he shows why he is so popular. The ad begins with Akshay getting ready for a night out and as his final weapon, sprays on the Layer’r Shot Bullet. When he reaches the pub, he is given a warm welcome by the bouncers while others are being thrown out. The guy dancing with a hot girl makes way for him and the lead singer leaves the floor to allow Akshay and his girl to dance away to glory.

Akshay looks absolutely smashing in a leather outfit and the Layer’r Shot Bullet makes him completely irresistible for all those who come in contact with him. The ad is racy and has some zany music as a background. The body perfume is available in a bullet shaped container and is a unique one.

The ad hits the bulls’ eye with this energy-filled advertisement and Akshay Kumar makes it rock to his own beat.

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