Kurl-on SpineKare Mattress ad – A relief from back pains with Kurlopedic technology


The energy we have throughout the next day depends on our good night’s sleep and to have both, a good mattress is very essential. Our sleeping style should match the mattress we own or else we can face some serious back pains and stress levels. Kurlon has certainly improved the levels of standards in the mattress industry.

Kurlon Spinekare mattress have introduced Kurlopedic Technology to make their product meet to perfection. Similar is depicted through a TVC where Mrs. Khurana is doing morning Yog asan/yoga for her back comfort which she ironically continues to do at night time even on the bed while sleeping which is creating discomfort for Mr. Khurana even. Actually the couple is using an old mattress due to which Mrs.Khurana is not able to sleep well and is suffering through back pains and to get herself some relief, she does some exercises and yoga in the mornings.

Therefore, she gets a Kurlon SpineKare mattress with Kurlopedic technology which would help her keep her spine posture erect in which ever position she may sleep. And as the company says- These kinds of things matter- ‘Kurlon- When mattress begin to matter’.

The company has outstandingly performed in the occupational health and safety over years now.

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