Jay Makhija believes in aiming higher and higher so find out more on how he has conquered diabetes from age of 16 – Inspiring Abbott Ad


Jay Makhija in the video mentions about his personal life ,his family and his passion towards work.He also shows us that we can achieve everything  no matter where we are in our lives. The main criteria is we need to aim big and work hard towards it and our dreams will definitely come true.

His mother was a diabetic, But he was shocked when he was only a teenager of 16 and he was diagnosed with type I diabetes .He couldnt believe it and also felt sad that why was he who was so young in life had been diagnosed with such a illness.Nevertheless he didn’t lose hope .However that didn’t stop him from leading a happy and full life.He never restricted or sacrificed anything due to this. This vision is to start a company of his own.

For Makhija a little device, Abbott’s patch helps him and his doctor continuously monitor his glucose levels, so there is no need to go through the annoying finger prick calibrations and tests.

Thus with a wonderful mix of the right attitude, ambition and breakthroughs in modern medicine, life has been very easy for him. He enjoys working at his dream job .In his personal life he cooks, he exercises, he laughs and most importantly, he enjoys and lives.

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