Italian famous fashion brand ,Benetton group as part of women empowerment program starts off for women workers at Pakistan and Bangladesh !


Benetton group, Italian famous fashion brand’s have a comprehensive Women Empowerment program.They have incorporated UN’s sustainable development objectives as part of their social commitment program and want to attain gender equality and women empowerment .They have also created a series of 5 videos.

These are part of the Women Empowerment Program of United Colors of Benetton; which focuses on qualities  that empowers woman.They have taken the step and want to achieve these objectives to begin with for women workers in Pakistan and Bangladesh through 5 key efforts by providing economically sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families, provide equal work opportunities ,decent and fairly paid jobs and additional measures to support them with no discrimination.Provide access to women in terms of good health measures and quality education.

They believe that every girl and woman must be granted access to affordable and quality education at all levels since her eyes and mind can learn and create new patterns of thought.

They are working on this project under the umbrella of its WE Program and they finally want to put an end to every form of violence against women around the world.This project is part of their social commitment and they believe in taking  necessary steps toward building a peaceful and prosperous world for everyone.

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