In Dad’s Shoes- Latest ad from Myntra is quite inspiring


We learn many things the hard way and this indeed it isn’t easier. It not easy to re-live the moments of childhood. Childhood is one such stage where we try on many things. One has been shown in this Myntra ad. It’s a lovely film by Myntra on such a relatable issues. Remember how we used to try our dad’s shoes. We try to get our feet into them, we tried to walk and then we slipped. The ad is all about one thing-Our Dad’s shoes.

The responsibilities that are fathers have and how they cope up with us is all projected in the ad. A child’s biggest quest is that how could he become like his father, when can he learn to take up responsibilities like his father. On the other side, the father notices all this. All he want is to do the things right for his children’s.

The major point is that Myntra do not focus on its online products instead it shows us the things we as a child did and fathers did what they can do the best. It’s not easy to be in yiur dad’s shoes. It takes a lot of effort and responsibilities.

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