IDFC Diwali Special ad – Investing is must


There is a simple concept of Diwali-What looks good, should be in and no there is nothing like any big surprise awaits you for something that can excite you to the level you want. One more important things is that people just spend like free-bee without any care and future plannings and this is what has to be taken care of. The new ad film from IDFC reminds you again what one forgets while spending and since its Diwali, also a time for such new beginnings, this film can promote you to take steps.

The film features a couple, basically a smart and mature wife and an not so smart and immature husband. Seeing various Diwali ads on TV with heavy bumper discounts, he seems to be so impressed that he buys everything in exchange what has been available on heavy discounts and on a short notice, his house was full of such things which were in actual not needed according to his wife.

She was kind of fed-up with his unnecessary expenses and finally came a time where the man’s house was full of such products, buyed on heavy discount range. This is just a dramatic representation that what can happen if you don’t take your earnings seriously, therefore a policy is much needed- A mutual fund from IDFC.

Happy Diwali sounds more generous and nice than a Happy Diwala.

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