Heathrow’s Christmas Connection ad is simply beautiful!


Heathrow, one of the most popular airports of the World, has a special association with Christmas. All the way through their 70 years, Heathrow have specialized in relinking people with their families, their loved ones, mainly near Christmas Time. As Heathrow connects a lot of places together, therefore, people from all across the world rest to land where they wish to.

It a very special place for the people of England as it links them together. Especially, during the Best Phase of the Year, it serves as a point of connection for home comers. There can’t be anything better coming home for Christmas. During this time this place, gets filled with positivity and joy. The glee of meeting the family and celebrating with them can never be compared with anything.

This cute advertisement very nicely depicts the emotions associated with Christmas. The attractive little bunnies are illustrating the feeling quite exceptionally. Amid thousands of seasonal travelers, there are some extraordinary arrivals that have made it home on time for the grand day…

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