Grand Celebration of Kukur Tihar in Bangalore


What is “Kukur Tihar”?

One of the healthiest Dog Treat manufacturers on the country, Dogsee Chew celebrated ‘Kukur Tihar’ in Bangalore. The event was hosted in association with TherPup – The Dog Cafe, India’s first Dog cafe.

Tihar is a five-day-long fiesta celebrated in Nepal and the Indian states of Assam, Sikkim & Darjeeling. This is a very special festival as people show reverence to crows, cows and yes, men’s best friend dog.

Crows, cows & ravens are revered on the first day. This is generally performed to obviate bad omens. ”Kukur Tihar”, the second day of the Tihar carnival is dedicated to our lovely 4-legged buddies-Dogs. They are not just worshiped and loved but are also adorned beautifully. Dog-lovers present garlands, vermilion tikka, and delightful food to dogs. The delightful dog & human relationship is cherished during this day.

As per Rigveda, Dogs are also alleged to be wardens of death and after life therefore, they are worshiped.

This festival not only spread happiness among Dog lovers but also sprinkled positivism all around the corner. It is a beautiful visual to witness the happy dogs being pampered and dressed by their fans. Truly, it was a wonderful day for the dogs!

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