Get access to Parineeti Chopra’s latest Hair oiling secret in this Bajaj Almond Drops Oil commercial


Parineeti Chopra is a highly talented actor who is rapidly rising the popularity charts of Bollywood and apart from films, is also doing a lot of commercials. In Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil’s latest advertisement, she teams up with the super talented Amit Sadh to give us a peek into the secret behind her gorgeous hair.

Amit comes home with a bag of groceries and along with it, gets the all-familiar coconut hair oil. Parineeti asks him about the oil and he says that this one was for her. This is when Parineeti tells him that she doesn’t take any load on her head by oiling her hair with heavy and sticky hair oils and uses the now popular line “Load mat lo”. She places a sheet of paper and a paper-weight over Amit’s head and asks him how he feels with the load on his head.

She then advises him to use Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil which does not place any load on the head with its heaviness and stickiness and is extremely light and completely non-sticky. The ad is pretty short and crisply made with its message being sent across in a simple manner. The chemistry between Amit Sadh and Parineeti Chopra is crackling and its enjoyable to watch this breezy commercial.

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