Enjoy the Comical and Funny Moments of Giridhar’s Life in the HP Deskjet GT Series Ad


The latest HP Deskjet GT series advertisement takes the humour route to present the advantages of their product. The short story is about the travails of Giridhar and how he stumbles through life due to his clumsiness. However, the arrival of a spill-free refill system for the HP printer changes things for him.

We are introduced to our central character, Giridhar, in the first frame itself, where we see him having breakfast with his mother and spilling a bowl. While playing with friends, he drops the kite roll into a pickle jar, spills coffee of his father desk, spills catches during cricket matches, and worst of all, goofs up with his girlfriends by spilling ice-cream and drinks over them. The ad has a wonderful background score that keeps us company throughout and gives the funny touch to the entire proceedings.

This doesn’t stop when Giridhar grows up too and he continues stumbling and spilling things over, including an entire cake over a child’s face while working at a cake shop. The ad is extremely funny and has a fast pace that has viewers in splits. This goes on until Giridhar’s father gets the HP Deskjet GT series with a spill-free refill system for his office and Giridhar gives the entire demo himself without worrying about spilling ink.

The over-the-top acting by all the characters and exaggerated movements are hilarious to watch and the ad is sure to be remembered for a long time.

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