Enjoy tender moments with the family with Club Mahindra Holidays and strengthen the bonds of love!


What begins as a normal holiday turns into a memorable once-in-a-lifetime for a family of three when they go the Club Mahindra way. The advertisement begins on a quiet note with the family relaxing in a boat house, where the father is engaged with his mobile, the mother is reading and the son is trying his hand at fishing when he catches a large weed. The moments of fun and enjoyment begin when the young child scares his mother with the weed. The advertisement takes us through the tender moments this small family shares as they head out into the fantastic resort they are living in.

A telling moment in the ad is when the father leaves his mobile and rushes out to enjoy without the digital interruptions. The ad cleverly shows us around the beautiful Club Mahindra resort as the sequence progresses ahead. The touching and poignant moments are brilliantly captured and are the highlights of the commercial. The parents become children and it is this precise moment when our kids become friends.

The ad has been created with a lot of love and affection and this is clearly reflected in the impact the advertisement creates on its viewers. Watch this and travel to a world full of warmth and playfulness.

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