Elle India ‘s with WEvolve TV ad portrays in a unique way on why women has “be herself” and not be defined by societal norms !

Elle India 's with WEvolve TV ad portrays in a unique way on why women has be herself and not be defined by societal norms !

WEvolve has come with a new global campaign that looks to bend societal norms that lead to gender-based violence.  It’s being supported by the World Bank, UN Women and ELLE India.

The common notion is women has to be protected and hence society has taught her to cover herself up aka be appropriately dressed at all points of time . This video to begin with showcases  the need women feel to cover themselves up in public spaces. It subtly captures the daily struggles of Indian women in a gender-unequal society.

Even when women aren’t policing themselves, they are shown doing it to one another. It highlights the ways gendered stereotypes exists in society .

We believe that it is in fact our responsibility to protect ourselves by trying to cover ourselves ,be prim and proper and it has become our second nature and we follow it in our everyday behavior thanks to the interesting eyes of society !

And then it moves to show how we can overcome this with one carefree move at a time.  ELLE and WEvolve Global have portrayed this with a beautifully crafted video which questions the stereotypical ideas of how men and women should behave which they believe is a magnificent way to emphasize on gender equality. Women can dress the way she wants and enjoy her life. The video conveys the powerful message of Let Her Be !

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