Dunkin Donuts- Nayi Shuruwaat Nayi Mithaas, Nice ad


Trust this, sharing bring people closer and bring happiness. On this beautiful quote, comes a beautiful ad from Dunkin Donuts and this is the most worthy ad of all time on strange and new relationships that is presented from a kid’s point of view. This one will take you on a journey of bringing two new relationships together. A journey which will bring a smile on your face. A story of a family born again.

The ads have a very relatable theme based on various life experiences. The ad starts with a boy who is now lonely without his mother and his father has married again but the situation states that the boy missed her mother and is not ready to accept his new mother, who is willingly ready to love the boy as her own son.

Here comes the father know his son’s choice and bring delicious Dunkin donuts in. The new mother gives a idea of sharing but the boy seems in no mood and finally when she left, he realizes and share a donut with her. His sweet gesture bring a smile on his new mother’s face and that’s what sharing does.

Nayi Shuruwaat, Nayi Mithaas is the best out to keep the differences away.

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