Double Mint Ad – A perfect love story ‘एक अजनबी हसीना से यूँ मुलाकात हो गयी…’


Wrigley India has launched a new film advertising its Doublemint gum brand. The film follows the journey of a boy and a girl as they progress from being friends to a couple to having a long distance relationship and finally being engaged. Through their journey, Double Mint makes a continuous appearance as something which helps along their relationship.

The advertisement features the love story of a young couple – Adi, a simple and shy boy and Niara, a bubbly and full of life girl, who meet through a chance encounter and start the journey of their beautiful relationship. The advertisement-film revolves around the many facets of their connections, over their first eye contact, first movie date, first dance  and their journey of letting go off hesitations and bonding over the moments of freshness spent together.

Doublemint Mints acts as the ‘enabler’ of connections, friendship, and love.

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