Don’t be Pappu when it comes to tax saving schemes like ELSS – Franklin Templeton TV ad encourages you to know about Equity Linked Schemes


Franklin Templeton Mutual funds offers some of the best and the top mutual funds in India and it well goes on saving and investing. Also it makes you sure on the difference. Franklin Templeton has come up with a nice feature, an ad film tagged as Ask What ELSS – Equity Linked Saving Scheme.

Franklin Templeton has came up with a better to explain it through with this Pappu film that gives a clear cut message as to always look out for option rather being stuck on one thing and making it your permanent habit. The TVC is a must watch to know actually where to go.

In the TVC, the whole thing of Franklin Templeton is demonstrated through an example in which a big size man (Pappu) is still on powder milk and he never gave a thought to change his habit. What he follows is an old thing of bottle and nipple and never moved or just being stuck to the same thing while others have much better options.

The TVC directly focuses on to think before choosing and investing and that’s why Ask What ELSS.

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