Delhi Half Marathon – Make your Run count, Superb Ad by Airtel


Airtel has launched a new campaign ‘Make Your Run Count’ empower people through digital literacy for the girl empowerment. The concept of the campaign circles around the everyday life of a common man in India who has been running for many things in life and the basic concept behind is that for every Kilometer that you ran will not go into waste, instead it will support a child’s education.

Airtel calls people to run for a larger purpose for enhancing digital literacy in the country by running. Every time people capture a screenshot of a finished run in their daily life, or at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, they just need to tag @airtelindia with the hashtag #MakeYourRunCount along with a screenshot using any running app.

For every kilometer run, Airtel pledges to empower one person in India through digital literacy and has also rolled out its digital literacy program in various parts of the country and free training sessions to people on how to use internet and smartphones and benefit from it.

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