Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in this Parachute Advansed World’s Best Hair Ad


Controls hair fall and keeps your hair stronger than ever, such is the magic Parachute Advansed Hair Oil. A woman is always proud of her long and healthy hair and she proudly shows it to herself and the world around her, to all the woman’s out there, Parachute Advansed Hair Oil treats them with respect and care and has directed a TVC for them, to show them how important is it for them and their long and healthy hairs. This TVC of Parachute Hair Oil features Deepika Padukone executing it brilliantly and telling to world woman’s about the Hair Oil.

Through this TVC, Parachute Advansed announces the findings of international hair research that shows that Parachute Advansed gives you the World’s Best Hair. The TVC shows Deepika receiving a sash with the World’s Best Hair title on it, which she passes on to all other Parachute Advansed users who have great, gorgeous hair. The timeless elegance and confidence that Deepika exudes is characteristic of the ideal Parachute Advansed girl.

The TVC also urges everyone to pass on the World’s Best hair compliment to all those in your life who have great, gorgeous hair.

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