Dalda Divya Darshan Campaign: Very Innovative and Brought Smiles To Many Faces


Festivals in India mean two things – ‘Puja’ and ‘Pet Puja’. No Festivals is complete without them.

Jaganath Rath Yatra is one of the most auspicious festival celebrated in Puri. Here, people from across the globe come to catch the sight of Lord Jaganath’s Rath yatra . It is estimated that roughly 15 Lakh people attend this divine celebration just for the glimpse of Lord Jaganath, that too within the narrow span of streets of the city Puri. Indeed that leaves no scope for the free movement on footpaths or across the streets which precludes the possibility of easy apparition of the yatra idols.

Edible oil company Dalda has come up with the unique idea to ease out the hassles of the common men to be able to visualize the Yatra statues. In coordination with The Brand Brewery, the oil company has deviced improvised telescopes using the empty bottles of the oil and fitting them with the lenses which can easily work for a distance of four to five hundred meters and make the Darshan more ‘Sakshaat’.

The easy to handle and simple to use device brought smile to many faces. They named the campaign as Divya Darshan. Indeed it’s one of the most innovative and satisfying approach of marketing which fulfilled many Darshan aspiration.

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