Check out the Toyota’s new ad “Right Light” for the holiday season!


Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles have together launched a new campaign as part of its brands’ yearly December Sales event- the 37th annual “Toyotathon”

The campaign consists of three different broadcast spots that will air nationally in the US, over a phased manner, the schedule starting from late November to early January.

In 2016, Toyota and Saatchi took a different route and produced three spots, each with a special message to align with consumer sentiments during the holiday season.

The first spot, “Window Shopping”,was aired recently was meant to create a sense of excitement and anticipation as people start planning during the weeks leading up to the holidays.

The second ad “Right Light”, will air from December 9-25 aims to convey a sense of community and warmth with the understanding that the holidays can be an emotional and stressful time for many. The “Normal Song” in the ad is sung by the band Perfume Genius.

The ad shows family members meeting up in Toyota vehicles. They unpack the bunch of Christmas lights from the trucks, and arrange the strings to set up a special message on the ground. As light snow fall begins they see plane carrying their soldier, Julia, returning home from military service who sees the illuminated words, “Welcome home, Julia” and sheds joyous tears over the loving sentiment!!

The third and final one called “Dream”, will air from December 26 to January 3 and it focuses on the sense of excitement which people feel when they buy something for themselves.

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