Check out the new short film “A Balloon For Ben ” by Cineplex Inc


The top-tier Canadian entertainment brand, Cineplex Inc. invites fans once again to ‘See The Big Picture’ and rediscover the importance of entertainment with their new short film A Balloon For Ben , a new soul stirring story that displays the importance of making time for what you love.

A Balloon For Ben features the song which is the emotional part of Cineplex’s new video spot. This two-minute piece is  the follow-up to last year’s highly successful “Lily & the Snowman”. It will be run in Cineplex’s 165 theatres across the country as part of the theatre chain’s one-year-old “See the Big Picture” brand platform.

The spot portrays a world where balloons house the magic of film.  The young boy and his father purchase a balloon, however due to the  demands of the man’s job they are unable to watch the film together.  This father sees a collection of deflated balloons that his son has stored in a box under his bed and the man brings home a surprise for his son – a giant balloon.

Thereafter is a heartwarming tale of how Ben’s father ultimately shares the joy of making time for his son -this is what he really loves! The film features a special rendition of ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac, performed by Toronto-native Em Patrick (English) and Star Académie winner, Stephanie Lapointe (French).

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