Celebrate Diwali with the joy of Flying – Beautiful Jet Airways ad


Diwali is the festival of lights and Diwali is the festival of every state’s unity that bring people closer and this closeness is now even more closer as Jet Airways celebrates the festival of lights along with the joy of flying. Jet Airways celebrates with you as it takes you to different cultures of different states and where and how the festival-Diwali is being celebrated.

Jet Airways on the festive season takes you to forty seven different countries and states like Ratnagiri, Spiti, Mysore, Tawang and others where the festival-Diwali is celebrated according to different cultures. People over there celebrate the festival with full joy, taking their roots. They lights Diyas, candles, pray to their God and do whatever is required.

This could be one of the chance to experience a different Diwali as Jet Airways takes you along.

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