Buying a diamond is not the most difficult thing as Amitabh Bachhan finds out in this Kalyan Jewellers’ ad!


Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. We have heard this often and it is true as every woman loves to have a diamond in her jewellery box. But buying it is definitely not an everyday affair and not everyone is able to afford one. The new Kalyan Jewellers advertisement shows us how this dream can come true for any of us.

This short and crisply created commercial features the legendary Amitabh Bachhan who is the Kalyan Jewellers’ brand ambassador. Imagine his surprise when he hears that the Kalyan diamond jewellery is now easily available without having to break into a fixed deposit anymore. This purchase can now be carried out from one’s own salary as the range starts from Rs. 15000 only and dreams can be easily fulfilled.

Amitabh Bachhan’s presence takes the ad to a different level altogether as he interacts with his beautiful co-star in a natural and simplistic manner. Watch the surprise on his face as she narrates the simple and easy way of buying diamonds from Kalyan Jewellers.

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