Buffalo’s New ad with Varun Dhawan Teaches us the Importance of Being One with Oneself


Buffalo has been a leading player in the world of fashion for the past 38 years and lives up to its rugged reputation through a wonderful range of denims, chinos, t-shirts, shirts and jackets. In its newest advertisement, it has adapted a minimalist approach and showcased Varun Dhawan in a cool and calm avatar.

The advertisement in set out in the wild, where Varun is in the midst of a rain-forest, with only the unspoilt and fresh outdoors for company.

The magnificent forest, the beautiful river, the green landscape and the feeling of freedom is captured in a breathtaking advertisement that does not feel like one. We are transported in a different world altogether and only the verdant and unspoilt nature accompanies us.

Varun’s good looks have been brilliantly captured and put to great use as he traverses the great outdoors which is a world without fans or applause or any traces of stardom. The ruggedness and rough side of man has been masterfully embodied in the Buffalo brand of clothing and this ad brings it out effortlessly.

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