Britannia Cake ad – Slices filled with a little mischief


Britannia’s new campaign celebrates Yummy Waali Shararat with a father-son duo who are trapped in the question of the hour – Who gets to eat the cake. The TVC from Britannia has an amazing fiction story to tell and it’s no lie that why this TVC makes you eager to grab the cake by hook or by crook and competition arises more when cake lovers are around. One would go to any length to get his hands on the cake.

The TVC starts from a father son duo with their eyes on Britannia cake and the question is that who deserves it more. While the father narrate a fantastical tale where he is recounting an incident when the child was much younger. He claims that when the boy’s Britannia Cake pack was stolen by a monkey, he undertook great risks to bring it back to the child. That, according to the father, is a jolly good reason why the cake pack should be all his, the very moment child refuses his fictional tale and grabs the cake.

The TVC is highly conceptualized but it’s worthy of the treat that Britannia is offering us. Britannia has positioned bar cakes as the perfect treat for kids, both in terms of health and delight.

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