Beautiful Emami, Yaadein ad by BoroPlus featuring Kangana Ranaut


The new BoroPlus TVC establish a beautiful bond with memories. Memories can be said as beautiful part of life and preserving them is the best thing that can still cherish us from within the moments we have lived through. Such are the memories that we still cherish and especially the ones gives to us by our mother.

This BoroPlus Moisturizing ad brings back the memories by a charm through its TVC featuring Kangana Ranaut and it has kept the most beautiful way to explain how memory works par age.

Kangana Ranaut in the TVC plays the role of a daughter who still keeps her best favorite BoroPlus with her. She still remembers how her mother used to apply the moisturizing cream on her skin to keep it fresh and active and also to avoid various scars on her skin.

Years later, she hasn’t forget the old prescription advice she received from her mother stating that good memories never fade away.

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