Beautiful Christmas Joy of Flying ad by Jet Airways


Christmas is all about spending time with your loved one and having fun exchanging gifts while devouring the heavenly Christmas cake. Sarah Dias and her mother are busy preparing for Christmas, packing gifts for friends and family and for each other too, the mother knows that Sarah is a lazy and forgetful girl and reminds her to get the Christmas tree and begin decorating it with ornaments. The playful banter between the mother-daughter duo takes the ad further and is engaging.

When Sarah realises that her mom has baked a wonderful Christmas cake for the occasion, she yearns for the raisin-filled cake. At this juncture, her mother tells her to get one from the cake shop down the road. It is now that we realise that they are not together in the same house but video chatting with each other long-distance.

The yearning to be with each other is beautifully captured in the ad. Jet Airways has always been flying people across destinations and imagine the surprise on the mother’s face when she sees Sarah at the door.

Christmas joy is doubled when our family and friends are with us and Jet Airways makes this come true as shown in this motivating ad.

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