Beautiful Christmas Ad of Credit Bank of Moscow – Dark and Fantastic Fairytale of a Young Girl and Her Mother


Children always want their parents close to them, happy and playful, but as adults, we often get entangled in a different world of our own, oblivious of our child’s needs. This commercial from Credit Bank of Moscow is a timely reminder for all of us who selfishly ignore our own children and miss out on the important years of their childhood and growing up.

This fairytale like commercial takes us through an epic journey of a young child who only want to spend time with her mother but the mother is forever angry and busy. Tired of the situation, the young girl writes to Santa Claus about her predicament and informs him that all she wants is her mommy. Santa receives this heart-rending appeal and immediately acts upon it but abducting her mother. He ties her up and takes her across the mountains, the rivers, the snow-covered land and puts her through a lot of hardships.

At the end of their journey, Santa hands over the letter written by the young girl to the mother who then breaks down and realises her mistake. The ad is magnificently shot and sweeps us off our feet with the amazing landscape and rugged terrain as Santa and the mother walk across it.

The rousing music keeps us company throughout and adds to the grandeur. The young girl finally meets the mother she has been yearning for and Santa once again keeps his promise.

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