Beautiful ‘Cadbury Silk Oreo Chocolate’ Hospital Ad Featuring a Cute Girl


Cadbury Silk , the rich smooth and creamy chocolate is now with the yummy Oreo making it a delightful little adventure of taste and goodness.

For its latest launch of  Dairy Milk Silk Oreo chocolate Cadbury has recently rolled out a new TVC . This ad film has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather and was published on YouTube on 29 December 2016.

The ad shows a girl with a fractured hand.  She is enjoying her treat and licking her fingers. Her friend visits her and wants to write a message on her plaster and reaches for a pen.  As he goes towards her to write his message , he hears a ‘cracking’ sound . The girls looks in pain, and the man is worried and apologizes to her, thinking that he caused the pain to her.

The lady then shows him her bar of chocolate.  As she enjoys her next bite, the same ‘crack’ sound appears.  The man looks a little puzzled.  The lady shows the word ‘Oreo’ written on the packet.  The friends exchange smiles and enjoy the the new ‘crunchy’ Cadbury Silk Oreo.

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