Bajaj V – Invincible Indians: Watch the rousing and inspiring story of Invincible Vijayalakshmi as she fights for the girl child


The stigma of child marriage still haunts many parts of India and the girl child is especially affected by this. Vijayalakshmi Sharma is a 22 year old gutsy young girl from a small village in Rajasthan, India, and has taken the onus upon herself to fight this age-old problem. When a close friend of hers was married off and died an unfortunate death during childbirth while she was a minor, Vijayalakshmi was shaken to her core and decided to work towards stopping this tradition.

She has been fighting against this gross injustice for 10 years now and has managed to persuade 25 families to refrain from marrying off the young girls in their families. She goes visits the homes where the marriages are being planned and tries to convince the parents of the girl to stop doing so. She speaks to the girl in question and also to the groom’s family if required. She faces stiff opposition due to this stand she has taken and has been warned not to do so but she is brave and does not bow down to any threats.

Vijayalakshmi is used to doors being slammed in her face but takes it in her stride as she knows she is doing a fabulous service for the girls of her village. Her family gets worried about her when she is out on her mission but have grown used to it now. Bajaj Motorcycles present her with a brand new Bajaj V15 which is made from steel sourced from INS Vikrant.

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