Ba Ba Black Sheep…. Inspiring HDFC Life ad to understand your responsibilites as a parent


HDFC life insurance has been taking care of customers since year and has proved to be milestone in protecting millions of lives. HDFC’s assist help have helped out many but this ad film shows it brilliantly. In HDFC, there are many connected servers for us which are ready to help 24/7 and this feature of their has helped them with many bonds for-ever. Here is the sweet and simple one from HDFC and the ad makers.

Baba baba black sheep is the oldest tune we remember as a kid but this has brought into the presentation with this ad. A father trying to make his child asleep and forgot the tune but his wife came up with the full tune. There on the side, a women is still sitting on her server for help.

HDFC has brought the most amazing ad ever that is not to be missed.

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