ATM Nahi, Paytm Karo Nice Ad – Paytm a great help during this notes demonetization move


As we all know the old currency notes of 500 and 1000 have been banned and new notes of 2000 and 500 are introduced into the economy. But as its initial stage, the circulation and usage of big currency notes of 2000 is difficult and scarce. In this situation, Paytm, as always has an edge over other cash wallets. Paytm application is simple to use and the transaction is completed with few clicks.

Paytm has launched a new TVC where a man is expressing his worries for converting his new currency note of 2000 into small denominations and making payments easier and much faster way. He also asks the same to his electrician working in the house, if he will also face any problem in accepting a large currency note in exchange of his services to him. But the electrician seems a smart man and in response he shows his mobile to the man and tells him to not to worry as the man can pay him using Paytm wallet conveniently.

The website provides functional support in just a few clicks which is very remote. In this critical economic situation, Paytm is acting a much faster and easy and an effective tool for its users.

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