Apollo Tyres – Go the Distance, this TV ad is superb


Passion is something that is not to be left at any cost. It helps you become what you always wanted to or from the beginning you craved for. There are rarely something that motivate us to go distance like Apollo Tyres. You have to walk each n every mile to measure distance and that’s how you reach success. Success is something that you own after dedicating yourself to hard work and what after that comes out as result is success. The TVC of Apollo Tyres explains it better.

It’s the story of a father-son duo. A son whose only aim and passion is football and to play in Manchester’s United Game but his father pushed him towards book. Later he realized that his only passion is Football and he allow him to get trained and play and finally the boy was selected in the Manchester team.

Same is Apollo Tyre, runs unstoppable and achieve miles and further distances. The real motivation behind passion.

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