Another Sony Max Deewana Bana De Bonanza ad!


Max is known for devising such wonderful and amusingly beautiful advertisements. Television is certainly a much-loved machine. Just a switch of a button takes us to a different world. The world of entertainment has a lot to attract us towards itself.

It won’t be wrong if we say that while looking at some nice movie or show we all imagine of somehow getting there and living the same life. Who would not like to be the Richie-Rich of the popular cartoon show or Raj & Simran of DDLJ?

Advertisements on Max brilliantly exhibit their motto ‘Deewana Bana De’. All these amusing ads show the madness of Bollywood that has encased our Nation. Whether we say it or not, we all are crazy about Bollywood in one way or the other. There isn’t anything wrong with it as well as this type of entertainment not only refreshes are mood but revitalizes our senses as well.

Max’s idea of conceptualizing these amusingly amazing advertisements is loved by all as it showcases the fun & entertainment in a nice way. The best part is that this sort of entertainment piece certainly brings a smile on every face.

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