Amway Bright Attitude cream interesting TV ad


Amway- a short name of The ‘American way’, is an American company that has been selling a variety of products remarkably in the health, beauty and home-care range. The company has always been successful in providing confidence of beauty and health to its consumers since many years now.

In order to regularly reach to its audience and target markets, the brand keeps taking help of electronic and print media. In one of the recent advertisement, a sweet and charming girl, on her scooter, is standing at the red signal. She observes the traffic cop doing his duties sincerely in the scorching heat of the sun.

She feels bad for him and when the signal turns green, she stops her scooter by him and offers him her water bottle. She signals him that he can keep her bottle. The traffic cop is flattered at her sweet gesture and gives a smile on his face. He gets off his distress for a few minutes.

The eye- capturing and soothing advertisement wants to spread the message that the glow is just not on the face, but the Amway customer’s hearts are also always glowing because Amway products provides confidence to its users. The attitude of people using Amway Attitude product range makes the world around them shine and look much brighter.

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