Amul is my Life – The Richness of Amul in India, Superb Ads

Amul is my Life – The Richness of Amul in India, Superb Ads

Amul is now a reputed brand. It’s quality feature is high above than we need. Over the years, Amul has established an healthy relation and connection with India. Even in the smallest of places, Amul has made a place and connected well with the people.

The product has sharpen the richness of the culture and in many terms, Amul has emerged as a winner. Over the years, Amul butter, Amul cream, Amul Milk, Amul ghee have been the favourite choice of India.

In this short collection of Amul ads, the richness has just doubled. The following TVC’s shows how Amul has become the life of many. In some place, it has helped a women in completing her education by establishing her own dairy, in another place it has helped in getting friendships stronger while in another TVC, Amul personally set up a dairy of a widowed woman and how a soldier relives the memories of her mother serving him breakfast with Amul butter whereas in Ladakh, Amul is like a ritual celebrated on a baby birth.

Amul has touched lives and is inspiring many people to do better.

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