Amazon Prime Ad- See how friendship is stronger than religion and knows no barriers!


Friendship truly does not have any barriers and religion certainly cannot divide true friendship. Friendship binds people across faiths and this is what the new Amazon Prime Commercial is all about. The ad introduces us to two old friends who meet each other and they catch up with each other after a long time.

Both have grown old with passing age and both are troubled by joint pain which they notice about each other but do not mention it.

They both have a lot of love and affection for each other and decide to do something about this ailment the friend is facing. By using the Amazon app they order the same product, a knee cap supporter, for each other and get it delivered to their respective homes. We later come to know that one of the friends is a priest while the other is a maulana.

At the end of the ad, we see both these friends, one in the church and the other in the mosque, bending down and praying to their respective Gods. The ad focusses on the pure and unconditional feeling called friendship and the common thoughts that bind it. The short and crisp ad takes emotions to a new level with its excellent presentation. Watch this ad here!

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