Airtel open network ad – A significant step to engage users


Telecom networks in our country promises a good network quality. But mobile users are used to bad voice quality, frequent call drops and poor signal reception. India’s leading operator Airtel, with a promise of ‘Transparency’ among the masses, introduced its ‘Open Network Initiative’.

This marketing tool to attract consumers was pushed by various commercials. For an instance, in one of the very cute TVC, a resident of ‘Paradise Colony’, refers his colony as an isolated island where existed no network and no connection with the people living on the ‘Main land’. He laughs at the situation of the other residents trying to find network on the mobile phones. In a fraction of a second, there is a full network and the other second of time, there is no network at all.

He then as heard of ‘Open network’, put a sms to the company for assistance and depicts his surprise that he actually received a replay back from the company. After the meeting held in the society, the network provider installs a special network tower which solved all poor network reception problems. Hence converting back from an island to ‘Paradise Colony’.

Airtel’s transparency move displays its signal strength across India. The mantra of Airtel ‘We are open’, takes the feedback of its consumers into consideration.

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