A glimpse of Corners from Mumbai City


There are very few places in Mumbai from where you can steal a glimpse of almost every corner of the island city. There are  places not known to many, like in many views they are isolated and here the 360 view presents you the corner of Mumbai visible from par city. It stand far from the city and the jungles.

This demonstration of 360 degree brings you an enormous view that has been hidden from years. The shot has been taken of the area-Juhu and a temple that stands alone far from the city. The view demonstrates that so many busy lives have been set up together and from the 360 degree these enormous views, some very interesting shots have been captures including those of the temple. The shot from the 360 degree has been beautifully captured and well presented from the outer and inner views.

The glimpse takes you to the par Mumbai along with its structure taking every corner of the city. These are the 360 degree aerial panoramas and the virtual tour around.

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