ये बिजली का बिल तेरा बाप देगा क्या? Beautiful PayTm Diwali ad


Diwali is here and without family, the festival seems totally incomplete. This ad from Paytm is just another way to celebrate Diwali in the new way. As known that Paytm is the easiest solution one can pay to one and when its Diwali you have a lot give to your near and dear ones, kind of ritual one where elders came and handed you some money into your so that you can buy the thing you want. Here Paytm wishes you a happy Diwali in their own way.

Anuj’s parents are him and from the time, Anuj’s father has been home he has been looking at all the preparations of lights and decorations and the very time, Anuj’s Mother gift her daughter-in-law a present and Anuj too was expecting. This came as a surprise when Anuj’s father through Paytm transfer him amount as a Diwali gift. The easiest way to show your love when you are around.

Paytm has the most beautiful way of saying Happy Diwali.

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